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Alliance Builders & Construction Co. Inc.

Alliance Builders & Construction Co. Inc. 4105 w armitage chicago, IL 60639 US

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Restoration Services


It's a good idea to get your property renovation off on a good start. Consider your goals, sometimes the most cost effective way is a complete renovation. The existing electrical, and plumbing, may be outdated and dangerous. Your homes old plumbing pipes may be leaking inside the walls, causing discoloration and even mold in the walls. Your homes old electrical systems may be overloaded by today's demands, and a short, or fire may become the result.

A complete renovation will give you the assurance that you have adequate insulation in the walls. Electrical and plumbing systems that are up to date, and meet the building code requirements. Structural soundness and fire rated materials for your family’s safety. 


A fire in your home can destroy many years of beloved memories, photos, and souvenirs.  Should such an unfortunate disaster strike your family, our team will do what is needed to bring your home back to its norm.  By dealing with your insurance company, and adjuster directly. Securing all required inspections, and permits. We will rebuild, repair, and replace what is needed so that you can get back to your life as if nothing ever happened. Call us today, don't be left out of your home another day.