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Exterior Remodeling


One of the most overlooked parts of the home may just be the roof. Most people don't take any consideration to it until it starts to visible leak inside, at which time it may be too late for repairs. Water may have already rotted the roof decking, damaged structural joists, and with many homes having multiple layers one a top the other, the weight itself can be dangerous. The longer you delay, the more time water has a chance to damage your investment.  Leaving for only one solution, a complete replacement. Today many roofing manufactures produce roofing materials that not only help protect your home, and its content, but can be appealing to the eye. Advances in roofing base, insulation, ice and water shields, shingles, clay, and modified, just to name a few.  Some roofing products can help bring your heating and cooling costs down. Give our team a call to find out what option may suit your needs best.


Masonry walls can add a bold look to a property. From being functional to looking fantastic. Bricks come in all sorts of colors, sizes,  and textures. Adding stone to the mix can drastically change a home's appearance.  Arches can add character, and class. Maintaining the joints between the brick structure is important. Open or washed out mason joints will allow the elements to deteriorate the structure causing unsightly damage, and expensive repairs.  Rusted lintels above doors and windows should be replaced to prevent the mason structure from lifting, sagging, or coming  apart under its own weight. Old stone may be washed out and brittle, needing to be replaced. Give our team a call to find out what option may suit your needs best. 

From concrete foundations, to sidewalk flat work. Today you have the option to color, stain, and stamp designs into your concrete for an appealing look. Make a driveway look as if it where paver bricks, or a sidewalk can appear to be stone. We can repair your damaged foundation, or replace a driveway. You may even want a heating element installed to melt the winter snow away, so you can access your driveway, and sidewalks without the need to shovel. With many overlooked concrete finish options, now your property can get the look it deserves.

 A large majority of homes have siding. Old, and damaged siding can make a perfectly good home look hideous. Siding may be loose, missing, or damaged, allowing energy loss, water penetration, and pests to build a nest. Siding can be installed with a multitude of colors, and designs available. From vinyl, cedar, to concrete. With the proper water barrier, and insulation to protect the home, new siding may be what your home needs.